The Marigold Chain by Stella Riley

ETA: I got the heroine’s name wrong when I wrote this. I am coming back here to correct it.

If you read my last post on this author, then you are probably aware how much I loved her book A Splendid Defiance. The Marigold Chain is no exception, and I loved it for the same reasons I Loved Defiance. While the first book took place during the English Civil Wars, this book takes place during the restoration of the English monarchy which occurred in the 1660’s. Our hero and heroine are a soldier and the woman who’s hand he wins in a card game. This happens because her terrible brother has decided to gamble it for money. Luckily, unlike the last book I read by Ms. Riley, this is the last we see of him. Once our hero, Alex, has one our Heroine Chloe’s hand, he decides to do the honorable thing and truly marry her. Unfortunately, he is drunk when all this happens and doesn’t remember a thing by the next morning.

The rest of this book is about them trying to navigate this marriage of convenience and possibly annul it. There are also plots about the hero trying to stop a group of folks who are aiding the Dutch and betraying the thrown, and regain his inheritance which was given to a branch of the family who didn’t support the monarchy before the war. Additionally, there is a plot about the heroine’s attempts to gain financial independence. While she does this she works in the royal court. I particularly liked this because we get to see real characters including King Charles II. Furthermore, I also liked how the heroine became a part of the hero’s inner circle; the secondary characters such as the hero’s army comrades were also well-drawn. Like a Splendid Defiance, this book has a particular strength in showing our hero and heroine become friends and then lovers. Therefore, this romance is similarly a slow burn. If you like books with unusual historical settings, I would recommend The Marigold Chain. While I still haven’t read the rest of her books set in this and similar periods, such as most of her Roundheads and Cavaliers series, I think I will read her Rockliffe Series next. The first book, the Parfate Knight, is of particular interest, since the heroine is blind as am I, something which I have never sought out previously in my reading.

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